Doris Tussing

born: 1962 in Vienna
profession: Goldsmith
married: since 1984
children: 2 sons


It all began more than 15 years ago, with a 1:12 scale dollhouse assembly kit, which has never been finalized - in my eyes it was inexpressive and lacked in life.

That was when I started to design and construct a dollhouse on my own. A few months passed until I finished my first miniature project. What was still missing, were people, who are capable to let each room tell its own individual story. As well as with the house, I didn’t want to buy dolls that were offered at the stores, because they did not feature a personal character. This was a good reason for me to try myself in the art of doll-molding.

The creation of figures didn’t come as easy to me as creating dollhouses or backdrops. In the end it took me over a year, until my creations matched my ideas. Over the course of time, through the addition of the figures, my dollhouse suddenly became alive.

At the suggestion of my best friend Christa, who advised me to showcase my work to a broader audience, in the year 1999, I participated at the “Internationale Puppen- und Bärenbörse” at the Hotel Intercontinental in Vienna. After receiving some overwhelming feedback for my work, I felt motivated to invest more time into this hobby. Since then I take part in two or three exhibitions annually in Vienna and the surrounding area. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank my family (my husband and two sons), who willingly support me, whenever I need help.

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